Parenting for Faith is about equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens.

The goal of the course is to help parents discover that they are perfectly positioned to show their children the reality of a life with God and to empower them to have their own vibrant two-way relationship with him.

Each session is about 30 mins.


Watch Session 1: Positioned for Influence

This session of the course shows how as parents, we are perfectly positioned and equipped to daily and easily show our child the reality of a day-to-day life with God.

God has shared with us in the Bible a simple plan for us to encourage our children into a vibrant, two-way relationship with God.

1 – Positioned for Influence notes


Watch Session 2: Making Sense of Life

This session of the course explains why and how we can give our children a spiritual framework for navigating life. This framework will help them connect the knowledge they have about God with their experiences of life.

As parents and carers, one of the most powerful things we do is to help our children and teens make sense of the world so they can engage well with it.  They need a spiritual framework, too, to help them connect the knowledge they have about God with their experiences of life.

2 – Making sense of life notes


Watch Session 3: Unwinding wrong views

We can be so keen to help our children connect with God that we forget that they have to want to connect with him. No matter how equipped they are to connect, many choose not to because they find him unlikeable or unappealing.

There are five common views of God that children can create in their heads which cause a disconnect. In this session, we’ll think about how we can accidentally contribute to these views and how we can proactively unwind them.


3 – Unwinding wrong views notes