Spiritual Parenting

Our primary role as parents is to teach our children about Jesus. This section gives information and ideas on how to invite Jesus into our everyday lives.


Discipleship at Home – Article by Christine Embree of Refocus Ministry

How to Build a Christian Home – Quick guide by Roger Wolgemuth, Author

10 Things Every Parent Needs to Do – Article by Joe McGee about using God’s word to raise our kids

Lunchbox Notes – prewritten notes you can include in your child’s lunchbox or school bag to encourage them during the day

Bibles and Apps

Reading the bible with our kids is very important. Below are some recommended bibles and apps. Apps should never replace reading together but if you want to read from a device or promote some independence, try some of these suggestions.

The Big Little Bible

The Big Little Bible by New Zealand Bible Society. Available on Apple and Android or in hardback version. You can also borrow this from our CV library.

The Storybook Bible for Kids

The Storybook Bible for Kids is great for preschoolers and early readers. Includes some animations to bring the story to life.


Engage by Scripture Union. An app for intermediates/youth. The text is read to you in either English or Maori. Also includes some discussion questions.

Recommended books

Parenting Children for a Life of Faith

Written by Rachel Turner of Parenting for Faith, this is a great resource of practical ways to bring God into the everyday life of your child. Available on Kindle or at The Book Depository.

Recommended websites